Anna’s protest: Right or Wrong?

Anna Hazare - Indian News MelbourneAs Anna Hazare, 74 year old frail but staunch Gandhian will head to Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan to resume his fast for Jan Lokpal Bill the Team Anna versus government deadlock seems to be over for now. Anna Hazare has been given the permission to fast for 15 days at Ramlila Maidan. Inspite of the ‘Anna chant’ going viral the civil society is split over whether his method of protest is right or blackmail. Though everybody from opposition to self-proclaimed Gurus and Babas are taking a mileage from Anna’s movement, no one’s come out to support his version of the Lokpal Bill, not even the political Opposition.
Anna Hazare’s supporters loudly expressing that they have complete faith in Anna, his methods and the Jan Lokpal Bill.
“We want the Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed. That is the only condition and till the government accepts it, we won’t agree,”said a supporter.
But there are equally vocal differences in civil society about Anna Hazare. There are those who feel Hazare’s threat of a hunger strike is nothing short of blackmail.
The National Campaign for Peoples Right to Information which has drafted its own version of the Lokpal Bill says that Team Anna’s draft is not the only way to fight corruption.
“It will take several years of fight and struggle to be able to change the situation. People will have to fight for many years no matter what the law is,”said Nikhil Dey.
Writer and civil activist Arundhati Roy is scathing about the arrest of Anna but says it’s naive to think that Lokpal will solve corruption problem.
“It is absolutely outrageous what the government has done and mysterious as well. I don’t know what it so insecure about is,”said Arundhati Roy.
The numbers on the street may be growing so are the apprehensions growing about this so called second freedom movement.
“I think this is all vague language about the second freedom struggle and third freedom struggle” questioned Kumar Ketkar.
Some people believe that Anna’s movement falls in line with the Gandhian principle of non-violence. At this point, when the Government is simply sitting through and not coming to the discussion table, fasting is the right form of protest. Many feel that hunger strikes are a legitimate form of protest in matters of public importance especially when we have serious issues like corruption. Nation.
There are many who believe fasting indefinitely unto death as the government has already tabled a bill in Parliament. It seems like Anna Hazare’s protest has gone too far, amounting to a form of blackmail. The Anna’s version of Jan Lokpal Bill should be debated in Parliament and outside. Let the public opinion force Parliament to enact the law to suit the demands of the public. Anna’s movement is a wake up call for all the Indians as not just watch like a spectator as the issue raised currently is of grave importance to each one of us.
At the end of the day Anna’s address to the nation at Ramlila Maidan will decide as to what shape will the events take in the days ahead but as for now Anna Hazare is the ‘Hero of the Nation’. As ‘I Am Anna’ chorus grows louder one can feel the difference one man’s idea can make to enraged masses. When children, school and college students, men, women young and old, entrepreneurs, technocrats, one and all are joining the‘Charismatic Anna Hazare’s’ anti-corruption movement, can we call it a blackmail?

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