Battling cancer with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that considers the mind, body and spirit when diagnosing and treating patients. It is the traditional system of medicine in India and has been practiced for 5,000 years. Ayurveda means “wisdom of life” and the system of medicine maintains that all illnesses affect both the mind and the body and should therefore be treated together, not separately. Ayurveda is often used in treating cancer patients.

RJ Singh Oberoi who has been battling cancer for over a year, says he was weakened after the loss of his parents. India’s ancient holistic system for diagnosis and treatment helped him in his journey in battling cancer.

It all began in December 2011 when he began to spit blood and suffer from a bleeding nose. He also suffered from pain in the chest, which came on him in bursts. ”At first I thought it was nothing out of the ordinary, until I had to go to the hospital for the second time,” he says. In May 2011 he was diagnosed with cardiac sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. ”I was in London for a wedding and told no one – not my friends or family. I even didn’t tell my girlfriend who was on vacation in Istanbul that I was taken to hospital and that I was diagnosed with cancer, because she knew that I had been suffering from some complaints. I concealed my diagnosis for more than a month,” he continues.

At the end of the summer he started to realise that he was limited in the things he could do. ”I could no longer play basketball, I had to put my work on the back burner and my relationships suffered because of my ill health. I never wanted to talk about my illness and mental state. I just wanted to live the way I used to, but I could not, ” he shares. After the loss of his father in October 2012, he was looking for alternative ways to deal with the pain and sorrow. He went back to where he came from, to his roots, and sought refuge in Ayurveda. ”Ayurveda helped me to reduce my stress. I focused myself on living in the “now” and my physical and mental state improved. It was not easy, I had many days when I fell backwards and felt lousy,” he admits.

”I made an appointment with an Ayurvedic specialist and the first thing he did was take some blood samples. He took a drop of blood by pricking my finger, placed it under a microscope and examined it. One of the first things he said was that I must avoid stress completely in the fight against cancer. I needed eight weeks of rest and regularity, and each day I received massages and did yoga sessions. In addition, the specialist put me onto a special diet and I consumed herbs as natural medicine. Each morning and evening I drink a glass butter milk with ten Tulsi leaves.”

The alternative treatment, Ayurveda, was conducted in consultation with the specialist from the hospital. He was supportive of it. After eight weeks he went back for another blood test and the Ayurvedic specialist could see changes, which he also noticed physically and mentally. At the hospital they noticed that the treatment had a positive impact on him, and were happy with that.
”Ayurveda is a gift to people to improve their lifestyle, and is part of a curative path for diseases. I can recommend Ayurveda to any person. Cancer patient or not, it can help you to improve your life or cure any diseases or conditions, ” he says.

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