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Trump calls Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’

San Francisco: A blundering US President Donald Trump on Thursday addressed tech giant Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” while the latter sat there, nodding quietly during a meeting at the White House for the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. “We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple,” Trump told Cook during a meeting at the

Crypto exchange may have lost $145 mn after CEO dies in India

Hong Kong:The death of Canadian entrepreneur Gerald Cotten, died due to complications with Crohn’s disease while travelling in India in December, has left a huge stash of cryptocurrencies locked off from the people who own them. Quadriga, Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, said it’s unable to gain access to $145 million of bitcoin and other digital

Musk lays foundation of first Tesla plant in China

Beijing: As the US-China trade talks began, electric car maker Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday laid the foundation of a Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai — the first-ever outside the US — that is expected to produce 500,000 electric vehicles per year and double the production capacity of Tesla. Musk attended the ground-breaking ceremony of Tesla

Apple provided users’ data on Indian government requests

New Delhi: The Indian government asked Apple to provide information regarding 27 devices and 18 accounts in the January-June 2018 period, with the company providing data in most of the cases owing to an iTunes Gift Card fraud investigation. The number of requests from India — in various formats such as subpoenas, court orders, warrants or

Marriott faces lawsuits as experts warn 500 mn affected customers

San Francisco: After customers in the US sued global hotel chain Marriott for exposing their data with one class-action lawsuit seeking $12.5 billion in damages, cyber security experts on Monday asked nearly 500 million affected customers globally to change passwords and take other precautions. According to a report in ZDNet on Monday, the lawsuits were filed



On the Facebook page of One & Half, you will see photos of quotes on life which instantly draw likes from patrons. For chef and owner Ayanav Eddie Dhar, that is a drill he likes to follow as he sets up his day. The writings on the wall convey beautiful thoughts. “Sometimes you see something


Elon Musk agrees to step down as Tesla Chairman

New York: Coming under pressure from his lawyers and investors of Tesla, tech billionaire Elon Musk has agreed to step down as chairman of the company for three years and pay a $20 million fine in a deal with the US stock market regulatory authority, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to resolve securities fraud charges. The

Wipro techies run in 125 cities across 34 countries

Bengaluru: Thousands of techies of Indian software major Wipro ran in a marathon it conducted on Sunday in 125 cities across 34 countries the world over to uphold its core values. “Thousands of our employees, their families and friends, alumni, customers, partners and suppliers participated in the ‘Spirit of Wipro’ the world over,” said the city-based

Trade should be propeller of peace: Jack Ma

Hangzhou: Alibaba chairman Jack Ma said efforts should be made to promote the healthy development of China-US trade even though it is hard to fulfill his previous promise of creating 1 million jobs for the United States under current circumstances. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua on Tuesday, Ma said his promise was based on friendly

ITU releases guide for cybersecurity strategy guide

Durban: A national cybersecurity strategy guide was released on Tuesday on the sidelines of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecom World 2018 in Durban, South Africa. Released by the ITU, UN, private sector, academia, civil society, the guide is meant to assist countries in the development and implementation of national cybersecurity strategies, including cyber-preparedness and resilience,