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Disgusting food museum to come to LA

Disgusting food museum to come to LA

Los Angeles: Love to experiment with food? It’s time to explore world’s most disgusting food at the Disgusting Food Museum here. Featuring foods from different cultures, the museum will give visitors a chance to taste and smell food from around the world. To be exhibited at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in the Downtown Los

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Now, ‘video chat’ with the dead

Website Uses Photos To Create Avatar That Talks To, Advises Kin Washington: A new website creates virtual avatars of the dead so that their loved ones can video chat with them after they are gone. The website,, is a start up by engineers, designers and business people, part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s

Man told he’s too fat to live in NZ

Wellington: An obese South African man has been told he is too fat to live in New Zealand despite shedding 30 kg since he moved to there six years ago. Albert Buitenhuis , who now weighs 130 kg and his wife, Marthie, said they face deportation after an application to renew their visas was rejected

Woman kills husband as he forgets her birthday

A woman in Russia stabbed her husband to death as he forgot her birthday and returned home from work empty-handed. Lyalya Tupikova, 45, said that her husband Khalpik didn’t remember her birthday. When he returned home from office in Astrahan in southern Russia, she expected a bunch of flowers and a present. But, Khalpik got

Doctor amputates trucker’s penis without his consent

Kentucky: A US doctor is being sued for amputating a truck driver’s penis without his permission. The doctor has defended his actions claiming he saved the man’s life. John Patterson, who performed the surgery in 2007, said that during the operation on Phillip Seaton, 64, he discovered a rare and deadly cancer. “What I saw

Couple calls ambulance to save cat

London: A couple in Britain called for emergency medical help to save their “five-year-old” and did not reveal to paramedics that it was actually a cat, a media report said. Fearing the worst, the paramedics rushed to the house where a five-year-old had gone into cardiac arrest, until they discovered the youngster was actually a

Indian American jailed for sexual abuse on plane

New York: A 65-year-old Indian American has been sentenced to a year in federal prison and fined $10,000 for sexually abusing a woman while she slept on board a flight from Hong Kong to Newark. Ramesh Advani, of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey was sentenced Monday in US District Court in Newark. He had previously pleaded

Egyptian woman seeks divorce over Ramadan cooking row

Cairo: An Egyptian woman has applied for divorce after her husbands’ cooking skills proved to be better than her own. The family row came amid the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, when observers fast from dawn to dusk and then break the fast with festive meals after night prayers. Mohammed Said, a chef at a Cairo

Girl escapes death despite being buried alive

London:  A teenaged girl in Britain had a miraculous escape from death after being buried alive on a beach for 15 minutes as the hole she was digging collapsed. Paige Anderson, 15, turned blue and had stopped breathing after being trapped under a 5- feet wall of sand for quarter of an hour as paramedics,