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Strawberries prevent heart disease, diabetes

Strawberries could offer unexpected health benefits of preventing development of heart disease and diabetes, says a study. University of Warwick scientists have been studying the beneficial effects of strawberries on cardiovascular health, particularly around how they prevent the development of heart disease and diabetes. Paul Thornalley, professor at the Warwick Medical School, heads the team

Coffee lowers risk of common skin cancer

Washington: Drinking more coffee could lower the risk of basal cell carcinoma, the commonest form of skin cancer, according to a new study. “Our data indicate that the more caffeinated coffee you consume, the lower your risk of developing basal cell carcinoma (BCC),” said Jiali Han, associate professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical

Traffic noise may cause heart attack: Study

Copenhagen: Exposure to traffic noise could cause heart attacks, says a new study. A previous work had investigated the combined effects of both noise and air pollution caused by traffic on the heart, but the results were inconsistent. The new study, led by Mette Sorensen of the Danish Cancer Society, showed a clear relationship between

Sahaja Yoga busts stress: Oz study

New Delhi: Sahaja Yoga founded by Mata Nirmala Devi, that is gaining greater acceptance worldwide for calming the mind and busting stress, contributes to promoting mental and physical health, according to a new study conducted in Australia. The essence of Sahaja Yoga, described as mental silence, is much more than mere tranquillity, having several dimensions,

Eat home-cooked food for longer life!

Sydney: Tucking into a home-cooked meal can make you live longer, new research says. Researchers from Monash University, the National Defence Medical Centre and the National Health Research Institute, Taiwan, found that people who cooked at home at least five times a week were 47 per cent more likely to still be alive after 10

Dark chocolate reduces risk of cardiac fatalities

Sydney: Daily consumption of dark chocolate reduces risks of fatal and non-fatal heart attacks, new research says. Monash University researchers showed that dark chocolate’s blood pressure-and cholesterol-lowering qualities made it a cheap and tasty intervention strategy for a population at high risk of cardiovascular disease. The study conducted by Ella Zomer, Christopher Reid, Alice Owen

Coffee lowers risk of dying

London: Coffee drinkers may live longer as new research has found they are less likely to die than non-coffee drinkers. According to a 14-year study, men who consumed six or more cups daily were 10 per cent less likely to die compared with those who did not drink coffee. For women, there were 15 per