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Your chance to meet Baba Ramdev in Melbourne

Your chance to meet Baba Ramdev in Melbourne

For the first time, Melburnians will get to attend yoga sessions from none other than yoga guru Swami Ramdev or Baba Ramdev as he is popularly known. In Australia from April 2-13, Ramdev will hold yoga camps across three cities – Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. His Melbourne camps are scheduled for April 10-12. As one


Allergic to food allergens?

Researchers have identified the level of five of the most common food allergens which would cause a reaction in the most sensitive 10 percent of people. The five foods they considered were — peanut, hazelnut, celery, fish and shrimp. Between 1.6 and 10.1 milligrams of hazelnut, peanut and celery protein produced a reaction in the

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58 percent Delhiites have high cholesterol

A total of 58 percent Delhiites have high cholesterol level, a trend which is a direct result of sedentary lifestyle and over-eating, said a study. Out of 9,596 samples tested for lipid profile, LDL levels were high in 58 percent of the people whereas total cholesterol and triglycerides were high in 20-30 percent of the

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How to keep youngsters away from hookah smoking

Combating positive perceptions of hookah use as attractive, fun and romantic, rather than focusing on the harmful components of tobacco smoke, could be key to keeping youngsters away from hookah smoking. “It was surprising to learn that college students, even when they were aware of the health dangers associated with hookah tobacco smoking at baseline,

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How your desk job can be harmful to your health

Have a desk job with constant aches? Keep in mind these tips Sitting and working at your desk at the office all day long can take a toll on your health and leave you with many nagging aches. According to University of California’s David Rempel, you could be suffering from a painful variation of tendonitis

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7 reasons why apple cider vinegar is good for you

Some years ago, one could be forgiven for not knowing what apple cider vinegar was. But today, this amber coloured liquid, a type of vinegar made from cider (a fermented alcoholic beverage from fruit juice) or apple must (must is freshly-pressed juice), is a favourite with most women who want to shed the extra kilos.

‘Turmeric constituent can shield infants from lung damage’

Los Angeles: A recent study has found that curcumin, a constituent of turmeric, can provide protection against lung damage in infants. Premature infants often need the assistance of ventilator and forced oxygen therapy because they’re frequently born with inadequate lung function. These therapies can cause lasting lung damage and even death among infants. Researchers at

For natural glow drink: apply citrus fruits

Bright coloured citrus fruits like orange, lemon and lime can make your skin glow. Bollywood beauty and makeup expert Puja Taluja reveals how these Vitamin C rich fruits, known for their antioxidant properties, work well for your skin. Lime juice: Take a lime, squeeze it and add it to a glass of warm water with

Want to get fit? Throw your cell phone

KENT: The report also said that people, who spent more time on their mobile devices, were more likely to engage in other sedentary forms of entertainment, like playing video games or watching films. Spending too much time with mobile phones can harm your health, a new research has revealed. The study conducted by Kent State

Want to live longer? Eat Walnuts

LONDON: Eating a handful of walnuts just thrice a week is the key to a longer life, a new study has found. Scientists discovered that these edible seeds cut the risk of dying from cancer by 40 per cent and from cardiovascular disease by at least 55 per cent. In general, nut eaters in the