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Mouth Ulcers

Question: Mr.B: Dear Raj, I have been reading your articles regularly and thought if Homeopathy can help my 10 yrs old son with mouth ulcers. He has been getting them frequently since last few months. Typically they are on the inner side of his lower lip and each time it may last for approximately 10

Anal Fissure Q&A

QUESTION: Dear Raj, I suffer from anal fissure recurrently for over 12 years and still cannot find a cure or medication, therefore, I would really appreciate your help in providing me with a cure or medication I can use to treat this chronic problem. Your help is highly appreciated. Regards, Mr.R ANSWER: Dear Mr R,

Homeopath’s Efficacy Q&A

QUESTION: Hello Dr Raj, I have several friends who have used Homeopathy and most of them have confirmed remarkable results, however, some people say that Homeopathic treatment is merely psychological and it is a placebo effect. Can you clarify this? Ms A. ANSWER: Dear Ms A, Many say that if you believe in Homeopathy it