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Melbourne’s young talent Shakkthi has more to ‘Give’

Melbourne’s young talent Shakkthi has more to ‘Give’

Twelve-year old Shakkthi Kannan may come across as any ordinary kid, but there is more than meets the eye. Besides being an extra ordinary Bharathanatyam dancer, she is also involved in helping a charitable organisation called GIVE to raise funds for poor children in India and Sri Lanka. Shakkthi commenced her training in this ancient

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Taj Mahal: A victim of man and nature

India’s tourism icon and a symbol of earthly love, the 17th century white marble mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, is a victim of both nature and man. If the monument looks sick and pale to visitors, the reason is the dry and heavily polluted Yamuna that once formed an integral part of the Taj Mahal complex.

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Ramadan: The month for rebuilding spiritual strength

Ramadan: A month of fasting, feasting and shopping by India’s Muslims India’s 140 million Muslims, who constitute the world’s third-largest Muslim population, observe Ramadan with devotion and fervour. The holy month Ramadan, which began in India Monday, is a month of fasting, compassion and charity as Muslims try to move closer to Allah through sacrifice,

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Taran Theti Joins The Rank Of Ace Rooftoppers

They say photographers work extremely hard on their work creating images with passion and helping us view the world through their works with a visual eye. And where there is passion, there is result. Meet one such photographer Taran Theti, whose hobby as a photographer has taken him places, literally. Recently, Theti was part of

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Sinam Basu Brings To Melbourne A Slice Of Manipur

Despite its small size and remote geographical location, Manipur in India’s northeast has more than one feather on its cap. It gave Polo to the world, it has produced eminent sportsmen and its Manipuri dance is touted as one of the top classical dances of India. But with not many proponents of this art form

Premier reveals first Melbourne Art Tram

MELBOURNE, Sep 30: Premier Denis Napthine took part in a moving arts experience with the launch of the first Melbourne Art Tram. Celebrating the first of the eight trams hitting the tracks, Dr. Napthine said the Melbourne Art Trams initiative would see the city’s tram network transformed into a public gallery featuring the work of

When yoga and classical music combine to heal

Agra:  What do you get when you combine the elaborate postures of yoga with the soothing strains of Indian classical music? A novel music therapy for the sick and the stressed, say two musicians of the Taj city who’ve just returned from the 13th World Congress of Music Therapy in South Korea. Lovely Sharma, a

Bumpy ride: Delhi tongas on their last legs

New Delhi:  Sunit Nair races against time, but the narrow lanes and the giant horse carriage he is driving won’t agree. He reaches the stand and humbly hands over the vehicle to its owner, knowing he’s late. He now goes to Munna, who’s idling away under shade, and asks him the customary question, “Can I

Creating the creator!

Rajeev Rai, a very talented and well appreciated photographer from the hub of talent and entertainment of India, Mumbai is working hard on the theme of creation of Lord Ganesha and a series of pictures of Ganesha festival which is celebrated with grand pomp and joy in Maharashtra, India. ‘The Making of God’ is a