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Berlin WWII bomb

Berlin WWII bomb sparks mass evacuation

Berlin WWII bomb sparks mass evacuation

Berlin: A large-scale evacuation is to take place in Berlin on Friday to allow experts to defuse a World War II bomb, police said. The area to be cleared includes Berlin Hauptbahnhof — the central railway station, an army hospital, the economy and transport ministries and the embassies of Indonesia and Uzbekistan, the BBC quoted the

Sweden charges Tibetan with spying for China

Stockholm: Sweden has charged a 49-year-old Tibetan man living in the country for spying on fellow exiles for the Chinese government, the media reported on Thursday. Swedish state prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist said the man, who was working for the Voice of Tibet daily, is suspected of supplying the Chinese government with information about the families, housing

France has proof Assad regime used chemical weapons: Macron

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday (April 12) that he had evidence that chemical weapons were used in rebel-held enclave of Douma in Syria and that the regime of Bashar al-Assad was guilty, reiterating that attacking Damascus is necessary. Macron was one of several Western leaders to enter the diplomatic crisis following last week’s

Christian Democrats (CDU) Hold Federal Convention

Germany will not join potential strike against Syria: Merkel

Berlin: German Chancellor and Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader Angela Merkel has said Germany will not join a potential US-led military strike against Syria. “Germany will not participate in a potential — and I must emphasize that no decision has been made so far — military intervention,” Merkel told the media on Thursday (April 12), Xinhua


Facebook, Google pitch in to help users in flood-hit Chennai

New York, Dec 3: Facebook activated the “Safety Check” feature for its users in Chennai early on Thursday, while Google has compiled all critical information under its “Crisis Response” tool to provide them relief in the flood-hit city, media reports said. As the torrential rains in Chennai continued for the fourth straight day, with power


Mass police mobilisation in France, 128 raids conducted

Paris, Nov 17: Following last week’s Paris attacks by Islamist militants that claimed at least 129 lives, French authorities have mobilised 115,000 personnel to ratchet up security across the country, media reports said on Tuesday. “We have mobilised 115,000 police, gendarmes and military over the whole of our national territory to insure the protection of


19 nationalities among victims of Paris attack: French president

Versailles (France), Nov 16: There were 19 nationalities among the 129 victims of the deadly attack that took place on Friday night in Paris and its suburbs, French President Francois Hollande announced on Nov 16. “What was targeted by the terrorists, it’s the France open to the world,” Hollande said during a rare address to


Apple told to pay $234 mn for using BITS graduates’ technology

Washington: Tech giant Apple has been told to pay $234 million to the intellectual property arm of Wisconsin University, Madison, for using without permission patented technology developed by its team, including two Indian-American engineers. The award amount a federal jury in Madison asked to Apple to pay Friday (Oct 16) was about $165 million less

Modi In US

21st century belongs to India, says Modi as he wows Indian community

San Jose, Sep 28: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the 21st century belongs to India and the world has begun to acknowledge the fact, as he addressed an 18,000-strong cheering crowd of Indian community members at the SAP Centre here. Modi, in an over hour-long address to a “Modi, Modi” chanting crowd, also said


Krishna Shenoy develops thought-controlled prostheses

Washington: An Indian American electrical engineer from the Stanford University has developed a technique to make brain-controlled prostheses more precise. The thought-controlled device developed by Krishna Shenoy and his team analyses the neuron sample and makes dozens of corrective adjustments to the estimate of the brain’s electrical pattern — all in the blink of an