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macao casino

Casinos or not, Macao is a place to remember

Casinos or not, Macao is a place to remember

Macao (China): Macao is not only about gambling, casinos and luxury entertainment. Its Portuguese past mingles with the present to create a unique architecture, history and culture that is mesmerising. Since becoming the Macau Special Administrative Region of China in 1999, the “Las Vegas of the East” has taken special care to boost tourism through new


Uzbekistan akin to Kashmir, with exceptions

Fergana (Uzbekistan): Uzbekistan and Kashmir appear like separated siblings living thousands of miles apart and still bearing striking similarities in more ways than one — cultural, linguistic, architectural, culinary, music. And, yes, there is a chance that a security man may stop you and scan your phone for any pictures of sensitive places! In fact, the

grand canyon

The Grand Canyon; Where time stands still

Tusayan (Arizona): Here I was standing overlooking centuries of ancient history at one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Painted in the bright hues of orange, brown and green with the Colorado river flowing beneath it, even time stands still at the Grand Canyon. I started my journey to the South Rim of this


Taiwan: Where modernity and welcoming nature go hand in hand

Taipei: This is a city which has grown upwards. There are plenty of skyscrapers around. But the builders have also dug deep under the city to set up a labyrinth of shops. There are several underground malls and markets like the one under the Taipei City Station — which is part of the network of buses,


Of Sisi, technology and other tales from Vienna

If only history was taught like this in our schools and historical centres. The thought hovered at the back of my mind as Sisi’s frustrations with boundaries, her passions and her need to be free unfolded in the mind’s eye during our tour of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna with a self-guided audio commentary. A


‘No hurry, No worry’ island of Fiji beckons more Indians

Savusavu (Fiji): You can find white sandy beaches, palm tree-lined shores, crystal clear waters and sunny blue skies at several places in the world, but not if you think of combining that with the happy, warm and hospitable vibes of the locals. That’s available in Fiji in galore, where the “Bula” greeting instantly makes you feel

Of homestays and collecting mushrooms in the wild

Of homestays and collecting mushrooms in the wild

If you want to stay in a family inn or in a home in a rural area and want to pluck vegetables and eat buckwheat dishes, visit this southeaster prefecture-level city in the Tibet Autonomous Region, also known as Another Switzerland in Tibet. Rural homestays have provided additional employment to locals, mainly Buddhists, and generated

gday india

Taj Mahal: A victim of man and nature

India’s tourism icon and a symbol of earthly love, the 17th century white marble mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, is a victim of both nature and man. If the monument looks sick and pale to visitors, the reason is the dry and heavily polluted Yamuna that once formed an integral part of the Taj Mahal complex.