Couple calls ambulance to save cat

London: A couple in Britain called for emergency medical help to save their “five-year-old” and did not reveal to paramedics that it was actually a cat, a media report said.

Fearing the worst, the paramedics rushed to the house where a five-year-old had gone into cardiac arrest, until they discovered the youngster was actually a cat.

A fast-response car and an ambulance were scrambled at 6.45 a.m. after a desperate couple dialled 999 Aug 10 and pleaded with the emergency operator to revive their “five-year-old”, the newspaper said.

But when the teams arrived at the home in Ware, Hertfordshire, they found a tearful couple clutching their five year-old pet, which later died.

An ambulance spokesman said the call could have meant the difference between life and death for a genuine patient.

“The 999 situation that raises the adrenaline the most is probably being called to a seriously ill child. It’s human nature.

“Fast-response cars and ambulances will be driven at the maximum speed for safety to the scene and paramedics will be mentally prepared to offer their immediate professional assistance,” the Mail quoted a paramedic as saying. (IANS)

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