Easy home-remedies for pain

Here are a few easy home-remedies for pain. All the ingredients for these remedies can be found on the kitchen shelf.

For muscular pain: Take 5 gm of fresh ginger or 2 gm dried ginger as part of diet to prevent and manage muscular and joint pains. Research has proven that ginger also helps in reducing swelling and stiffness.

For toothache: One popular Indians remedy has been using clove powder or oil to beat tooth ache and tooth-related problems. Now, researchers have learnt about the effects of eugenol – one of the active components from clove that is known for its anesthetic and anti-bacterial effects. Clove powder also helps improve cholesterol ratio, maintain the PH in the GI tract, which in turn prevents all kinds of oral infections.

For heart burn: Consuming 30 ml of vinegar after a heavy meal can make digestion and metabolism smoother. According to a research, mallic and tartaric acids in vinegar helps in breaking of harder, bigger food particles to smaller easily digestible ones.

For earache: Pouring 2 drops of warm garlic oil into the affected ear for a few days will ensure that the earache is completely healed. According to a study, active ingredients in garlic such as, germanium, selenium and sulfur have positive effects on pain causing chemicals secreted by common bacterial infection.

For pain: Anthocyanins, which are the active ingredients in cherries, work wonders on reducing pain than common pain killers.

For diabetic pain: Turmeric can be used as a part of the diet to prevent complications and pain of diabetes. Researches has proven results of turmeric in healing pain in arthritis and fibromyalgia in diabetic patients.

For leg pain: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in salt make it an effective remedy for pain in the legs. Research shows that regular soaking of legs in warm salt water helps get rid of pain.

For mouth sores: Gargling with honey helps fight mouth sores. Honey is recommended for better voice, improved speech and to prevent all types of oral inflammation and infections.

For muscle cramps: Tamarind juice can help manage acute muscle cramps. Research says that potassium deficiency can lead to muscle cramps. 50 ml of diluted tamarind juice can bring back the blood potassium levels, says research.

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