Man jailed for biting off snake’s head before kids

London: A man in Britain has been jailed for biting off a snake’s head before his two children in a drunken state.

Barry Laverick was at the home of his partner Victoria West and their sons – aged 12 and two – when he bit the head off the 50 cm-long pet corn snake, the Daily Mail reports.

Laverick, 41, had been drinking when he went into West’s home in Coulby Newham, a ceremonial county in North Yorkshire, April 6, the Teesside Crown Court heard.

He told Victoria West that she wouldn’t be able to move her snake or the family dog in a planned house move, adding: “That dog’s only going if it’s stuffed.”

But he became increasingly aggressive and called the family at the bottom of the stairs where he was holding the snake.

Prosecutor Jacqui Edwards said that Laverick threatened to bite the snake’s head off.

She said: “His 12-year-old son was screaming for him not to do it, but the appellant bit the snake’s head from the body and the two-year-old started to scream.”

“Victoria West describes herself as being in shock and found herself placing the two parts of the snake into the tank.

“She effectively told him to get out of the house, but he began pulling her hair,” the prosecutor said.

“The eldest son took the youngest into his arms.”

“She was in fear and struck Laverick twice in the face but was too frightened to call the police.”

“He called to the dog and said, ‘If you think that’s bad, wait ’til I cut the dog’s head off’.’

Laverick was arrested the following day. (IANS)

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