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Aries – 21 March -19 April Healthy start of the month and you will be pleasantly surprised with turn of events by middle of this month. Many pending projects and assignments would start heading towards completion. Avoid arguments and confrontations at your work place. All month is productive except for 4th, 9th and the 16th.

Coffee lowers risk of common skin cancer

Washington: Drinking more coffee could lower the risk of basal cell carcinoma, the commonest form of skin cancer, according to a new study. “Our data indicate that the more caffeinated coffee you consume, the lower your risk of developing basal cell carcinoma (BCC),” said Jiali Han, associate professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical

Household chemicals causing cancer, reducing fertility

London: Chemicals found in household products may be contributing to rising incidence of cancer, reduced fertility and obesity, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has warned. EEA warned that phthalates, found in pesticides bisphenol A and other polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which are used to make plastics parabens found in sunscreen and chemicals used in contraceptive pills,

Warren Buffett diagnosed with prostate cancer

Washington: American billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been diagnosed with stage I prostate cancer, the CNN reported Wednesday. In a letter to shareholders of his firm Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett, 81, said Tuesday his “condition is not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way”. He said additional tests did not reveal incidence of cancer

“Yoga can cure every disease, but don’t universalize”

New Delhi: Yoga therapy can cure every disease and disorder, even cancer, says a Delhi-based yoga therapist but warns against the mass teaching of yoga – including popular pranayams like kapalbhati and anulom vilom – saying they ‘can cause complications’. “Yoga cannot be universalised…like prescribing a paracetamol tablet,” says Subhash Sharma, a yoga therapist who

Lifestyle factors behind most cancers

Sydney: Lifestyle factors, not exposure to chemicals in food and consumer products, are the most significant causes of cancer, according to the latest evidence. Bernard Stewart, professor of oncology at the University of New South Wales, said: “Measures known to prevent cancer include smoking cessation, reducing alcohol intake, curbing obesity and avoiding deliberate sun exposure.”

Sonia goes abroad for ‘routine check-up’

New Delhi: Indian National Congress president Sonia Gandhi has gone abroad for a ‘routine check-up’, nearly six months after surgery in the US, and is expected to return in four-five days, a senior party leader said here Tuesday. “Congress president Sonia Gandhi has travelled abroad for a routine check-up after six months of earlier treatment.

Re-heating cooking oil could be toxic for health

Re-heating cooking medium such as sunflower oil could release toxic compounds, which could be linked with brain diseases and some types of cancer. Researchers from the University of the Basque Country (the region comprising three provinces of northern Spain on the Bay of Biscay bordering France in the north-east) have been the first to discover

Yuvraj has malignant tumour; being treated in the US

New Delhi: Indian star cricketer Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his lung and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston. Yuvraj was detected with the tumour in October but his family maintained that it was non-malignant. The 30-year-old cricketer’s physiotherapist Jatin Chaudhary, however, revealed Sunday that