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Curry that helps people sleep

London: An Indian-origin chef and TV presenter has created a “lamb masala” curry that he says will help people sleep, because it produces effects similar to sleeping pills. The spicy dish created by Gurpareet Bains contains oil that is said to produce “intoxicating” effects, the Daily Express reported. The insomnia-fighting recipe contains nutmeg, a spice

Grilled Prawns with Chilli Cheese

Prawns are extremely popular thanks to its delicious flavor. Moreover, prawns can be savoured in more ways than one. It can be boiled, steamed, sautéed or baked, fried or grilled stewed. It can even be used in a curry, which makes it a versatile ingredient that can find its way into any recipe. Ingredients: 200gms

Treat your taste buds with Fish Curry

Get ready for some steamy, tasty and delicious fish curry recipes. Have twin fish dishes on your platter. Recipe 1: Fish in curry leaf paste Indian Curry Leaves are aromatic and very flavourful. They are also known to have many health benefits. Ingredients 400g cat fish or small fish 2 cups fresh curry leaves 2

Cricket to curry, Indian students energise US B-school

New Delhi: From cricket to curry, Indian students who account for one of the largest overseas groups at the premier Darden B-school in the US have a ‘wonderful influence’ on the community and are being embraced ‘wholeheartedly’, the institution’s dean says. “I believe Darden is better for having them and that they are better for