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No supplements for Bipasha’s fitness

Actress Bipasha Basu has flaunted her perfect curves in movies like “Jism”, “Dhoom 2” and “Players” but says she never takes help of supplements to keep herself toned. The 34-year-old follows a strict diet plan. “I love my food and get all the required nutrition from food only, no supplements. I am eating healthier stuff

Fatty foods can hinder alertness, says study

Scientists have shown that consuming fatty foods can affect alertness and result in fatigue, says a study. Results show that higher fat consumption is associated with increased objective daytime sleepiness, while higher carbohydrate intake is associated with increased alertness. There is no relationship between protein consumption and sleepiness or alertness. These findings are independent of

Obese men in 20s may die in middle age

Families of chubby youngsters, beware! Men who turn obese in their early 20s are significantly less likely to reach their middle age, a new study published in the British Medical Journal has suggested. Also such youngsters are also up to eight times more likely to suffer diabetes, potentially fatal blood clots or a heart attack,

Bollywood Actresses Who Need to Shape Up

While most Bollywood actresses are in impeccable shape, there are some who are either way too thin or way too fat! When it comes to their bodies, these stars definitely need a makeover. Take a look at some actresses who need to shape up ASAP!  Vidya Balan: This pretty face of Bollywood has not been giving

Healthy eating heavy on the pocket

Healthy eating as a mantra may have gained popularity but it could be a little too heavy on the pockets of those from low income groups, Australian research says. The comparatively higher cost of eating a nutritious and balanced diet could actually drive such groups towards cheaper, processed foodstuffs with high fat, salt and sugar

Can diet soft drinks lead to heart attacks?

People who consume diet soft drinks daily could be unwittingly inviting strokes and heart attacks. Conversely, taking them in moderation don`t seem to perk chances of vascular events, a form of cardiovascular disease primarily affecting the blood vessels, says a new study. It was conducted by Hannah Gardener and colleagues from the University of Miami

Eating same food daily may help lose weight

Struggling to shed those extra kilos? Eat the same food every day, scientists say. Researchers at the University of Buffalo in the U.S. found that eating the same food over and over again in successive meals can make people so uninterested in the meals that they start eating less. The study“provides a very interesting new

High-protein diet reduces hunger in obese

Washington: Dietary protein reduces hunger and increases fullness in overweight men during weight loss programmes, a study says. Diets “containing 18 to 35 percent of daily calorie intake from dietary protein, are associated with reductions in hunger and increased fullness throughout the day and into the evening hours,” said Heather Leidy, study author and professor

Better body image helps weight loss

London : Improving body image helps in weight loss programs based on diet and exercise. Obesity is known to increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease and can significantly shorten life expectancy. Technical University of Lisbon’s Pedro J. Teixeira, who led the research, said: “Body image problems are very common amongst overweight and obese