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China woos Indian tourists

New Delhi: The tourism departments of Macau, Hong Kong and Guangdong province in China have come together to woo Indian travellers — and have vowed to provide vegetarian and Jain food as well. “India is a huge market for us. Lots of tourists go to Hong Kong and Macau from here. Now they can also

Curry that helps people sleep

London: An Indian-origin chef and TV presenter has created a “lamb masala” curry that he says will help people sleep, because it produces effects similar to sleeping pills. The spicy dish created by Gurpareet Bains contains oil that is said to produce “intoxicating” effects, the Daily Express reported. The insomnia-fighting recipe contains nutmeg, a spice

Health tips for the wet season

The rains can bring with them health irritants like allergies, infections and indigestion. However, there is no need to panic. Experts suggest small variations in eating habits can keep problems at bay. Dos and and don’ts suggested by experts for the wet season. Dos: * Go for green leafy vegetables * Properly wash fruits and

Eating time too impacts weight gain: Study

Amsterdam: Latest research holds that not only the quantity and type of food but also the time of day when it is eaten plays important role in contributing to obesity. Previous studies have shown that when mice consumed all of their calories during their inactive period, they gained more weight than when they consumed the

Romancing Goa rain with chai-bhajji

Panaji: The rains are here and so is chai-bhajji, the humble, gastronomic duet of hot tea and warm fritters that finds pride of place on menus across Goa’s socio-culinary spectrum — be it unkempt wet streets or the plush, sedate interiors of a resort. The monsoons have already scaled the 50 inch peak in Goa.

Pushkar – Home away from home for Israeli tourists

Pushkar (Rajasthan): Signboards and menus in Hebrew, shopkeepers greeting visitors with ‘shalom’ and familiar food like humus, wraps and soup with dumplings. It’s a mini Israel out here with hotels and other businesses tailoring their offerings to suit tourists from the ‘promised land’. Even in the scorching summer heat, hundreds of tourists from Israel are