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“Labor leadership ballot changes nothing”

According to Opposition leader Tony Abbott, nothing will change after Australian Labor Party’s leadership ballot. He claims it is time for an election. “The problem with this ballot today is that nothing much will change: there will still be a poisonously divided government, we’ll still have the carbon tax, the boats will keep coming, the

Kevin Rudd to challenge leadership

Brisbane: Former Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Friday announced he has decided to stand against Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Monday’s Labor Party leadership ballot. Rudd made the announcement in front of media in Queensland’s Brisbane on Friday. Rudd said the Labor party was “heading for the rocks at the next election”. “That’s why I’m

Leadership debate not an episode of Celebrity Big Brother: PM

Speaking about the debate on Labor Party leadership, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that it is not an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Shortly after Kevin Rudd gave a press conference in Brisbane, the Prime Minister said she had spoken with a large number of colleagues during the last 24 hours. “They are going to

Australia’s foreign minister quits

Canberra: Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Wednesday made a sudden announcement to resign from his job. Rudd’s decision comes amid leadership tensions within the Labor Party as there were speculations that Rudd was threatening Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s authority, reported Xinhua. Rudd said the decision came as he no longer felt he has the Labor

Australian PM rescued by riot police during protest

Melbourne: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott were trapped in a building Thursday in the capital Canberra during a violent protest and had to be rescued by riot police. The two political leaders were attending a function to mark Australia Day — the day the first British fleet came to establish

Gillard raised Migration law with Abbott last week

Prime Minister Julia Gillard wrote to Tony Abbot last week regarding a parliament recall to pass the Migration law. However, Tony Abbott knocked back the offer saying there was no point as the coalition was not in support of the people swap plan with Malaysia. Gillard’s communication with Mr Abbott came just days before the

Julia Gillard’s ratings fall ahead of reshuffle

According to the latest Nielsen poll, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has suffered a setback. Her approval rating fell by four points to 35 per cent. Whereas, Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott moved ahead to lead Ms Gillard as the preferred Prime Minister with 46-42 per cent ratings. Julia Gillard’s disapproval rating moved up one point to

India welcomes Labor Party move on uranium sale

New Delhi: India yesterday welcomed the move of Australia’s ruling Labor Party to remove a ban on uranium exports to the country, saying that bilateral cooperation in the energy sector is one of the important facets of multifaceted bilateral ties. Indian External Affairs Minister, S. M. Krishna, said that the government welcomes the initiative of

Australian ruling party votes for uranium sale to India

Sydney/Melbourne: Australia’s ruling Labor Party representatives have passed a motion to remove a ban on uranium exports to India after a passionate debate on the issue that saw sharp divisions in the cabinet. The party had imposed the ban on export to non-signatories of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) like India four decades back. Labor delegates