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Australia throws spanner in GVK’s $6.4 bn coal mine project

Sydney: Indian infrastructure major GVK Group suffered a setback Tuesday with the Australian government halting work on the $6.4-billion Alpha coal mine project in...

Indian billionaires jostle for coal in Australia

Sydney: Driven by an insatiable demand for energy back home, a number of Indian billionaires are jostling to get their hands on Australian coal...

Leap years keep calendars in harmony

Sydney: Our planet, minus leap years, would experience "calendar climate change" and the seasons would completely swap every 750 years. Astronomy expert Stephen Hughes from...

Kevin Rudd to challenge leadership

Brisbane: Former Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Friday announced he has decided to stand against Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Monday's Labor Party leadership...

Gabe Watson acquitted of drowning his wife in Queensland

An US judge has acquitted Gabe Watson of drowning his wife during their honeymoon diving trip in Queensland. The two-week-long trial ended, acquitting 34-year-old Watson. Watson...

Australians, New Zealanders world’s biggest cannabis users

Sydney: Australians and New Zealanders are the biggest cannabis users in the world, said a report published in the medical journal The Lancet. According to...

Indian, Australian institutes sign pact

New Delhi: Australian vocational training institute, Southbank Institute of Technology, on Wednesday signed a pact with Franchise India Holdings Limited (FIHL) to provide vocational...




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