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Remittances to India rose to $66.13 bn in 2011-12

New Delhi: Remittances to India surged to $66.13 billion in 2011-12 as compared to $55.62 billion in the previous year, Minister of Overseas Indian...

Rupee notes come floating in Guwahati!

Guwahati: Monsoon rain which usually brings only water-logging brought riches in the form of floating Indian rupee notes in some parts of Guwahati on...

India Inc welcomes interest rates cut

New Delhi: Indian Industry on Tuesday rejoiced at the interest rates cut by the Reserve Bank of India for the first time in three...

RBI intervenes as rupee slides to new low

New Delhi: Under pressure from the global financial uncertainty and weak domestic economic data, the Indian rupee sank to a record low for the...

NRIs may hold accounts in any currency: RBI

Mumbai: Indians having non-resident accounts in India can now hold them in any currency that is fully convertible. The notification came yesterday from the...

NRIs, resident Indians can open joint accounts

Mumbai: The Reserve Bank has allowed Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to hold joint accounts with Indian residents. The RBI is liberalising these foreign exchange rules...

25 paise, or ‘chavanni’, is dead

The 25 paise coin, popularly known as 'chavanni' and which first came into being in 1950, died an official death . According to the Reserve...




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