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Australia’s economic outlook remains subdued: Survey

Sydney: Australian economic outlook improved slightly in December 2011, but the growth rate of future economic activity remains subdued, according to a survey released...

‘Most Influential Man in the World’

London: Prince William has been named as the world's most influential man. As per a survey, he beats US President Barack Obama and the...

Earn well to get married!

New Delhi: Has the demand for IT professionals gone down? It seems so, according to a recent survey. As per the survey conducted by...

Best days of a woman’s life start over 50

New Delhi: In a recent survey, it was found that the best years of a woman's life start once she is over 50. In...

NRI IT professionals move back to India

New Delhi: With declining wages abroad, an increasing number of non-resident Indian IT professionals are moving back to their home country, says a survey. IT...

Indian students associate racism with Australia

Melbourne: They might be looking up to study in Australian universities, but'racism'is one of the words Indian students most associate with the country. The finding...

Women in India love to travel for work: Survey

New Delhi: More women than men prefer to travel for work in India while tools like Skype and video-conferencing are taking a toll on...




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