World’s first self-chilling beer to hit markets

A self-chilling beer could make fridges obsolete by turning lukewarm beer or fizzy drinks into ice cold versions in two minutes. They will hit the UK markets this year.

All you need to do is to hit a button at the can’s base, which releases pressurised carbon dioxide from a capsule, chilling the can by 15 degrees Celsius within two minutes.

The can, its supporters claim, is far less wasteful than chilling cans in shops before they are served, the Daily Mail reported.

Drinks manufacturers are being lined up to use the cans – which are already in vogue in the US and can be used for anything from fizzy pop to beer.

Among those who helped develop the can, called ChillCan, is Roland Clift, professor and a former science advisor to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Clift, who now works at the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey, was brought in to help find an eco-friendly way to create the can without using harmful refrigerants.

He came up with a solution using carbon from coconut shells which is contained in an aluminium capsule inside the can which is activated – sending a blast of pressurised carbon dioxide – when you press the button.

As the carbon dioxide evaporates the drink is cooled by a frosty 15 degrees Celsius under two minutes – making it perfect for taking on picnics, beach parties, festivals or barbecues.

The 500 ml ChillCan – made by the Joseph Company in California – took 20 years to develop as previous versions were deemed harmful to the environment because they contained a refrigerant, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

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