You’ll Be Oil-Right with Saffola!

Australian-Indian food manufacturing powerhouse – Sabi Foods who have brought you the likes of Pattu, Dawat and Ching’s Chinese products, have now teamed up with the makers of India’s most preferred cooking oil, Saffola, in a 50/50 partnership that will see Sabi and ROBE bring the deliciously healthy oil to Australia for the first time.

ROBE, which is an Indian Consortium, lead by Mr. D D Saxena, will be investing about $85M into building an integrated oilseed crushing and refinery plant with a full crushing capacity of 175,000 tonnes (Canola, Safflower, Cotton, Soyabean and Sunflower seeds) per year. ROBE will produce 65,000 tonnes per annum of refined vegetable oils for food manufacturing and food service/retail industry, as well as 105,000 tonnes per annum of vegetable protein meals for the poultry, dairy and animal feed industries. They plan to expand their capacity by 100 per cent and will produce 75 Million litres per annum of Bio-diesel at a later stage. Sabi Foods will officially market the oil in the Australian market and are excited to see Aussie-Indian consumers have the chance to make the healthier option.

To ensure you’re be oil right, here are some facts about India’s favourite cooking oil:

What is Safflower Oil?
Safflower Oil is derived and created from the seeds of a plant known as the Safflower. Due to its ability to soak in excessive levels of moisture, it is a far more superior and resistant plant to the soybean, corn or canola crop. Safflowers are extremely adaptive to various circumstances and climates and can therefore be grown in a wide range of climates. The seeds tend to be bitter in flavour and too harsh for the human palette, however the natural oil inside the seeds are much lighter in flavour when extracted.

Safflower is one of the most flexible natural sources of oils, blending into any dish due to its subtle flavour. You can stir into your morning fruit smoothie for an extra kick or use it to bake your favourite Choc Chip Muffins!

What makes Safflower Oil better than any other on the market?
Safflower oil provides a far lower level of monounsaturated and saturated fat than other substitutes such as olive, corn or vegetable oil. It aids in maintaining a healthy body, keeping your cholesterol in check. In March 2011, Ohio State University USA found Safflower oil even reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease for patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes when a regular dose of Safflower Oil was consumed.

It’s the ideal choice if you want a healthy heart and mind.

Why choose Saffola?
Saffola is the most versatile, delicious and flavoursome option, whether you’re sautéing up a gourmet feast for a dinner party of twenty or a simple home cooked meal for your family. From Indian to Asian to Italian, you’ll be able to use Saffola for all your culinary needs. Saffola Oil is committed to ensuring that their product is pesticide free, whether it be in the harvesting and processing of the crop or the storing of the oil.

Best of all, Saffola Oil is even Heart Tick Foundation approved so you know you’re making the healthy choice.

Where can I find Saffola Oil in Melbourne?
If you want to avoid a slippery situation, pop into any good Australian-Indian grocery store and search for Saffola Oil in the cooking oils aisle!

By Rahat Kapur

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