Ad featuring Bachchan sparks online meme fest

New Delhi: An advertisement campaign, run by waterproofing solutions provider Dr. Fixit and featuring Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, has become the latest target of meme makers on social media.

The advertisement shows one “Mr Sharma” hiding under what looks like a tortoise shell as water leaks from the roof of his newly built house. Bachchan asks the man to come out of the shell after assuring him that no unknown persons were around.

The new “No Shortcut” campaign suggests not using the company’s waterproofing products while building a house may lead to an embarrassing situation. The condition of “Mr Sharma” in the commercial, especially the moment when he shows his face, has ignited imagination of Twitter users.

If one user compared the two situations — the one with his face hidden and the other when the man stealthily shows his face — with when unappealing food and chicken biryani are cooked at home.

One user even mocked Karan Johar with a meme, saying the two situations depict how the film director reacts when he spots “real talent” and a “star kid”.

If some compared the two situations with how workers feel on “Sunday morning” and on “Monday morning”, others related it to conditions of engineering students during the rest of the semester and just a night before the semester examination starts.

The pace at which the memes are exploding on the social media, it appears users would continue posting more unless a new “fix” startles them.