Akshay Kumar Instils Values In His Son

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We all know Akshay Kumar as an acting superstar, global ambassador to Indian cinema and prolific on-screen action hero to audiences around the world. Off-screen, Akshay is equally as much of a hero to his beloved son, Aarav, in whom Akshay is said to be actively instilling his strong values of discipline, punctuality and respect.

Akshay has said that when he takes a second to reflect on the way in which he is bringing up his son, he becomes reminiscent of his upbringing with his own father. “When I see how I’m bringing him up, I can literally hear my father’s voice in my own. Twice a week, I do the same thing that my father would do with me with Aarav. I wake him up before the sun comes up and we go for a run on the beach before he leaves for school”.

It seems Aarav is following in his father’s footsteps when it comes to sports and is already a brown belt in Karate. It is no secret that Akshay himself is a huge fan of the discipline of Martial Arts. The superstar has a 6th degree black belt in Karate and has the title of Shihan, which translates to teachers teacher. He is due for his 7th degree black belt imminently. Akshay also launched a Kudo Tournament five years ago, pioneering the biggest ever Martial Arts movement in Indian Karate, and just last week he launched a Martial Arts Institute for women in Mumbai, which will offer three-month long, free-of-charge, self-defence classes.

It seems there is no end to Akshay Kumar’s talent, as just recently his new film: Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty released to impressive figures at the global box office.