Anupam Kher’s flattering cab ride in New York after Indian cabbie fails to recognise him

New York: Anupam Kher recently posted an interesting Instagram entry from New York. The post is a video, of an interesting conversation the veteran actor has with a cabbie.

It seems like the cab driver, a man of Punjabi origin named Jugal Kishore, did not recognise the 64-year-old actor, who has won wide acclaim in Bollywood and has also made a mark in Hollywood.

When the cabbie finally recognised Kher, he gave the “most flattering and funniest reason” the actor could have imagined.

In the video, the cab driver is seen saying that he did not recognise Kher because the actor “looked like a 20-25 year-old boy.” What’s more, the cabbie refused to take any money from his celebrity fare for the ride!

“Encounters in NY: Jugal Kishore ji from Punjab, a yellow cab driver in NY for 30 years, didn’t talk to me throughout my ride with him. He didn’t recognise me. Later, he gave me the most flattering and the funniest reason for it. He kept hugging me. We were both happy and always no fare was charged,” Kher wrote, with the video that he posted on his Instagram profile.

Clearly, if you are a celebrity, at times it pays not to be recognised!