A miffed Preity Zinta says no one has adopted her

Preity Zinta - G'day India - Best Indian news MagazineAlthough legendary filmmaker Kamal Amrohi’s eldest son Shandar calls actress Preity Zinta his’daughter’, the Bollywood actress says no one has adopted her and threatened to take legal action against those writing stories in this regard.

“For the final time, I would like to say NO ONE HAS ADOPTED ME OR WRITTEN A WILL 4 ME. I helped Mr Shandar Amrohi in his time of need. He is a very nice man but NO ONE can EVER take the place of my Father in my life. I am not off the street that I need someone else’s wealth (sic),”Priety said .The legendary filmmaker’s three children – sons Shandar, Tazdar and daughter Rukhsar – have been locked in a fierce property battle.