Being a model helps in Bollywood: Sonal Chauhan

Many believe that modelling is shortcut to Bollywood but model turned actress Sonal Chauhan feels the only advantage of modelling is that it makes a person camera friendly.

The 24-year-old made her debut in “Jannat”. She won the Miss World Tourism title in 2005.

“Modelling helps in a way … it allows us to be comfortable in front of the camera. One is confident and doesn’t have to fear the camera or wonder what to do and how to do. So, I think it is an advantage to be a model,” Sonal said.
As there is no guarantee that a successful model can make it big in Bollywood but for their glamorous image, they do get stereotyped. Sonal doesn’t agree.

“Every actor has a journey to take and they improve with time… They take time to explore.

“After spending good years in the industry, doing varied roles, they know what they fit into. As a model, you too can explore and decide what you want to do,” she said.

Sonal doesn’t come from film background. Indeed, she landed in Bollywood by sheer chance as Kunal Deshmukh, director of “Jannat”, spotted her at a restaurant in Mumbai.

“Bollywood wasn’t on my mind but I was always fascinated by Bollywood. So when I moved to Mumbai, I used to get on/off Bollywood offers, but nothing exciting, till Kunal saw me and within a few days, I got my first film project,” she said. “It just happened.”

Sonal had been away from Bollywood for more than two years as she was completing her studies. In between she made her debut in a Telugu and a Kannada movie.

Now the actress is back in “Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap” and is all praise for his co-star Amitabh Bachchan.

“The very fact that I got to work with Big B, at such an early age of my career is simply fantastic. I just hope that one day I get to work with him again.

“There was so much to learn from him, he is not just a great actor, but a wonderful human being as well,” she said.

What role is being offered to her these days?

The actress says these are very similar to ‘Jannat’ roles. She has signed two new projects, but is not revealing details.