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Embrace all changes that happen to your body: Sonali Bendre

Embrace all changes that happen to your body: SonaliBendre

Actress Sonali Bendre, who often gets praised for her age-defying looks, says one should “embrace all the changes” that happen to the body in order to look beautiful.

The beautiful and mesmerizing Sonali Bendre recently launched a beauty product and the occasion was perfect to get the secret behind Sonali’s beautiful and ever radiant skin.

“I do believe that as I am aging I look more beautiful. I think there is a certain character that comes on, I like these lines more than the blank canvas. Embrace all the changes that happen in your body. Love yourself and that is going to show, everything else is secondary, you have to love yourself and accept yourself for what you are,” Sonali said at the launch of a beauty produce.

Speaking about the bodily changes, the “Sarfarosh” actress said: “Of course there are changes, I have grown old, my skin is not as tight as it used to be, I don’t have a flat stomach, I have stretch marks and I am quite comfortable with them. I think that is me”.

About her skin care routine, Sonali said it is “simple, minimum and fuss free”.

“Every one of us have the product that really suit us. Once you find the product you stick to it. That’s what I do. At this age moisturizing is something I do need, cleaning and deep cleaning more often. Nothing more than cleaning and moisturizing for me. Never sleep with anything on your face,” she suggested.

The actress also said she doesn’t involve “too much kitchen” in her skin care routine.

“I don’t believe in that. I believe that there are people who make certain products and they know their job and I am quite happy to use things out of the tube,” she said.