“Goddess Lakshmi has come to our family”

Mumbai: “Goddess Lakshmi has come to our family and we have brought Lakshmi ratna home,” said Amitabh Bachchan, who brought his new-born granddaughter to his home Jalsa on Tuesday. Abhishek said his daughter is sweet and doesn’t cry much.

“We took her to Prateeksha first because that is our first home. We took my father’s blessings and then came to Jalsa,” said Amitabh bachchan while addressing the media for the first time after the birth of his granddaughter.

Bollywood stars Aishwarya and Abhishek’s first child was born on November 16.

Amitabh said that he has all the time to take care of the baby.

“Currently, I am not working on any project. I have just finished with ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ and have no film in hand right now,” Amitabh said. “I have no work right now,” he added.

Abhishek immediately retorted, “Who said you have no work? You are fully responsible to take care of your granddaughter.”

Stating that the baby girl was quiet and mellow, Abhishek said, “She is quiet, obedient and very cooperative. She does not cry or fuss much.”

When asked about the excitement in the family owing to the newborn, Amitabh said that everyone is very happy and excited.

“We are happy to have a baby girl. Abhishek and Jaya got what they wanted,” he added.

When asked about the naming ceremony of the newborn, Amitabh said that there won’t be any grand celebrations. “We generally do not have a grand naming ceremony. When we find a name, we will start calling her so,” he said.

“But it has to start with the letter A,” Abhishek added.

When asked as to how he how he feels about being a father, Abhishek said, “It would take some time for the feeling to sink in, because for me the definition of father is Amitabh Bachchan.”

However, he is confident that he will be able to manage both work and family as he got the ‘right training’ from his parents who never missed any important occasion in his or his sister Shweta’s life despite being actors.

The Bachchans also thanked media for respecting their privacy.

Amitabh, however, refused to share the picture of the baby, saying, “I think she resembles Aishwarya, but you know that children change and some people in the family think she has some resemblance to Abhishek.”