I was criticised for getting involved on ‘Bigg Boss’: Salman

Salman Khan
I was criticised for getting involved on 'Bigg Boss': Salman

Superstar Salman Khan, who is returning as the host of the new season of “Bigg Boss”, said that a lot of criticism has come his way for getting too much involved with the TV show.

The actor was often seen sharing his personal experiences with the contestants and at times he has taken tough stand to deal with some of the events in the house.

The 49-year-old said that he feels connected to the people in the house, which makes him tell them where they are wrong.

“It gives me immense pleasure in guiding the contestants in the right direction. Sometimes I think why should I tell them, but then if they cross the limit it is not entertainment anymore,” Salman said.

“I get a lot of criticism for getting into the things because it is not my space,” Salman added.

“Mr. (Amitabh) Bachchan did not react to what happened in the house, but I get involved with these people and most of them remain in touch with me after the show as well,” he noted.

Salman said that the after the criticism, he thought of leaving the show, but his love for the show brought him back.

“After you work for three months, you get exhausted and everything keeps on coming in your head, but then there is a long association with the show, huge connect with contestants inside as well as the whole team and then you start missing the whole thing after a certain while,” he said.

Salman will be hosting the show for the sixth time that will be aired from October 11.

The new season comes with a twist of “double trouble” as a theme. The 49-year-old noted that the theme did not get him excited due to the mention of the word “trouble”.

“I did not agree with the theme. The team later explained the concept to me and I thought it was funny and even asked them to add something else with the ‘double’, but the team wanted ‘double trouble’, so I went ahead with it,” he said.