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It’s SRK-Salman vs. the Royal Baby

Ok so the British royal family has had a baby boy. The entire nation is going gaga over the new prince who is third in line for the throne, while the tabloids across the globe are busy dishing out minute-by-minute details of how-what-when about the baby. Amidst all this what has caught the fancy of our own Indian media is nothing short of a block buster entertainment – SRK hugging Salman Khan or vice-versa. For us Salman Khan and SRK hugging each other made more headlines than the birth of royal prince in the land of British.

Media across the world is still engaged in pipping each other in divulging every single detail about Kate and William’s baby with taglines like “See it First here”. Everything trivial is getting highlighted and splashed across the magazines like what dress Kate and William wore in their first public appearance as parents to the design and colours they chose made news pieces of decent length. Who were the first visitors to the famous hospital, how many times did newly turned parents Kate & William changed nappies, is it a boy or a girl and then what would be the name of the baby are just couple of things which have been topping the charts of news rooms, newspapers and media over the last few weeks.

On the other hand Indian media too has showcased its journalism skills and ripped apart every aspect of what transpired at the Iftaar party thrown by the Congress leader Baba Siddique where Rakhi’s Karan-Arjun aka SRK and Sallu Bhai were seen hugging each other and exchanging pleasantries. Topping the chart in this part of the world’s media were questions like Who hugged whom, Is this the day of 5 year old feud, Will we see SRK-Salman together in films again and ultimate question was Will this end the era of camps in Bollywood…phewwww! Thanks to media the entire nation knows that happened on that fateful night between SRK and Salman but what we don’t know yet is why and how that happened – but trust media to unearth that secret too very soon. So while the two handsome hunks of Bollywood were busy making news the tiny life which made the whole world’s heart throb with excitement took a back seat in India. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the birth of Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter had created more excitement and curiosity in this nation of film buffs than Kate and William’s son could do.

The royal prince bounced back into the news with his new name and all the trivia behind that name – George, but alas it could not get the mercury soaring high like the two Khans did, merely by being gentlemen. The entire nation went hysterical with this news and the associated pictures with it such that all forms of social media like facebook and twitter got flooded with messages from their fans. Some of those messages tickled the funny bone of the nation and hence kept the interest and excitement of all alive for several days.

Such incidents once again prove that as Indians nothing can beat our passion for Cricket, our addiction to Bollywood movies and our insatiable taste for spices. Don’t we just love being Indians? Long live the Khans.

By Madhumita Thakur