Kajol dances her way to fitness

Mumbai: Kajol’s fans must be aware that the actress gave birth to her second child, a boy. Ever since she delivered her son Yug, Kajol has been on a strict diet. It has also been learnt that she is learning new dance forms. Why you ask? To stay fit! So, it is not surprising if the actress is seen promoting dance to other youngsters.

Therefore, when Strut – The Dance-makers approached her to attend one of their classes, Kajol promptly agreed. Not only did the actress come to the class but she also interacted with the students there.

“Bhaavesh Gandhi, the person spearheading Strut, is young, talented and a very skilled dance instructor, who was previously with Shiamak Davar. I have seen him and I believe he is very good,” said the actress. “Two very good friends, Ryan Stephen and writer Niranjan Iyengar own this dance school and I am all for promoting talent and any form of education,” she added.

It seems that actress Kajol has not charged even a paisa to have her name associated with the dance school.