Life is like a boxing ring: Amitabh

bollywood - amitabh bachanBollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has seen many professional and personal ups and downs in his 68 years, says he feels life is quite similar to a boxing ring.

“In good times everyone is with you and when you are alone there is no one around. That’s why I feel that life is like a boxing ring,” the actor told reporters here while promoting his upcoming film “Bbuddah…Hoga Terra Baap”.

“Boxing ring is a very amazing place. Outside the ring lakhs of people are there cheering and screaming for you but inside the ring you are alone with your opponent. How you hit him and how you get hit depends on you. Everyone cheers from outside but no one can come inside and help you.

“Similarly in life, you have to fight your battles alone. Yes, you will have many people who will cheer for you and make you feel happy, but eventually you have to fight your own battles,” he added.