‘Politics of Love’ is a milestone for me: Mallika

Failure of her last crossover film’Hisss’ notwithstanding, sultry actress Mallika Sherawat says her latest outing ‘Politics of Love’ will be a milestone in her career.

“Not many Indian actors get a chance to play the lead in a mainstream American movie. This was an intelligent script and too good an opportunity to pass,”Mallika said. The film, directed by William Dear, is romantic comedy between a Indian American Democrat played by Mallika and African American Republican supporter played by Brian White.

It is inspired by the slew of publicly documented love stories that sprung up in the run-up to Barack Obama’s presidential election.

The actress described her journey from a being small town girl to Bollywood and now Hollywood as “great”. She said there was not much difference between the working styles of both film industries, “except the fact that Hollywood is lucky in terms of budget.”
“Actors and technicians in both the industries are passionate about their work,” she added.

Mallika, who is here to attend her first IIFA awards, said that the three-day event was a great platform to showcase the film, which releases on September one.
“Toronto is a melting pot of various cultures and a great opportunity to showcase this film,”said Mallika.

Speaking about her future plans, the actress said she aims to do good interesting work. When asked what kind of movies does she plan to work in outside India, Mallika said,”We are now in a global space and actors go wherever the story takes them.”When asked about her hit item number’Jalebi bai’in the just-released film’Double Dhamaal’, Mallika said she enjoyed the dance steps given to her by choreographer Ganesh Acharya.

“If you enjoy the song, it shows on your face and gets translated to the audience. I experienced similar joy while working on’Mayya Mayya’for Mani Ratnam’s’Guru’,”she said.

To a question if she sees politics as a career, Mallika, who was in the limelight recently for her pictures with US President Barack Obama, said, “If President Obama asks me to join his party, how can I say no?”