Preeti to create awareness about gender issues at workplaces

“Unfreedom” actress Preeti Gupta has taken an initiative with a premium corporate training company to create awareness about gender equality at workplaces.

Along with Inner Katha, the corporate training company, Preeti is conducting workshop to raise awareness about gender diversity and challenges faced by women today at workplaces. She is performing plays which are based on the issue of gender sensitisation.

“I feel that in India there are still many unconscious and conscious biases that play out on a daily basis. Somewhere, men don’t naturally think that women have business acumen or can lead, even if the women might be brilliant,” she said.

“On the other hand, when it comes to men, there is a predisposition to treat them as ‘equals’, so this programmer is to sensitive the corporate leadership and to encourage a balanced and inclusive environment at work and we are doing this by using theatre as a medium,” Preeti, whose film “Unfreedom” touches upon homosexuality, said in a statement.
Preeti is looking to conduct workshops in various MNCs in Indian metros.