Salman aims to outdo all Khans by dancing

With his newly acquired confidence as a box office champ, Salman Khan is now working on proving himself as the best dancer among all the Khans.

This was his brief to his current favourite choreographer Mudassar Khan, when they started shooting the track “Desi beat” for his upcoming “Bodyguard”.

“Salman is hell-bent on proving he’s the best dancer among the Khans. When ‘Desi beat’ was being planned, Salman very clearly told Mudassar that he wants to be the best dancer among all the Khans. Salman shot the song like crazy,” a source says.

As if getting his favourite choreographer was not enough, Salman also got on board a song director to shoot the number.

The concept of a song director joining the choreographer for a star is still novel in Bollywood. Sanjay Leela Bhansali served as a song director in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s “1942: A Love Story” even as Farah Khan was the choreographer.

And now Salman, we hear from reliable sources, wants to patent this collaborative style of shooting a song.

“Salman will work simultaneously with a choreographer of his choice and a dance director in all his major song and dance numbers,” says the source.

When asked about the “Bodyguard” number, producer Atul Agnihotri confirmed: “We got Mudassar and also a song director, Sumit Dutt. The number rocks.”

The collaboration that started with “Dabangg” where Salman gave Mudassar the chance to choreograph the song “Humka peeni hai”, has now reached a stage where Salman insists on bringing his blue-eyed choreographer in all his films as a lucky mascot. Looks like, Salman has found his own version of what Saroj Khan used to be for Madhuri Dixit.

For the “Bodyguard number”, the source adds: “Mudassar was told to take Salman out of his comfort zone as a dancer. Salman has never done this before. This is the first time Salman has followed a choreographer’s instruction to the minutest detail.”

By Subhash K Jha