An intense love story sure to melt hearts.  Debutant Ahan Shetty with co- star Tara Sutaria is all set to light up the silver screen, releasing December 3rd 2021.

Tadap is an intense romantic drama of two lovers Ishana (Ahan Shetty) meets foreign returned Ramisa (Tara Sutaria) based in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Based on the remake of 2018 Telegu film RX 100. Directed by Milan Luthria, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

G’day India speaks with the stars of Tadap, all things about the film.

How was it like working with director Milan Luthria and under the banner of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment? And Sajid Nadiadwala?

Ahan points out that he couldn’t have asked for a better launch platform. “I think working with Milan Luthria has been fantastic he’s such an experienced national award-winning director and you know more than a director he was a friend on set.” Ahan complimenting his director adds that Milan never made him, or his co-star Tara made them ever feel uncomfortable, or that he was a senior on set.

While working with him, he felt that his director, in fact, the whole production chilled out and gave them the freedom to enhance their characters, which gave Ahan a lot of confidence.

Tara had to agree with Ahan, adding that her director was such a wonderful guide, almost like a friend onset. It was very important for Tara to have that as part of her setup.  It was so easy to communicate with the director who’s not only wise, but Tara couldn’t have asked for someone better to lead them and guide.

Tadap is a remake of 2018 Telugu film RX 100, which was a hit, what do we expect different from Tadap?

Ahan: Most of the time it is similar but at the same time for certain situations Tadap and RX 100 are very different. Tadap’s backdrop is based in Missouri to that of the Telegu counterpart.

In terms of the characters arc and the basic storyline, the two films remain the same.

 So, would it be more thrilling? More fun to watch compared to RX 100?

Ahan candidly responds “If it is, I have done a good job.’’ He definitely hopes it will be more thrilling because it’s a fantastic film.


Ahan, with the tag of Sunil Shetty’s son was that loading or a blessing on the start of your career?

He is not at all hesitant as he quickly acknowledges that being Sunil Shetty’s son comes with its own perks. It has definitely put him out there in terms of meeting directors and producers.

But at the end of the day, it’s all based on talent. So, he’s excited that someone saw the potential of his craft and signed him.

Tara after making your debut with Tiger Shroff in ‘Student of the Year 2’ How was it like working with Ahan?

The whole film has been a very unusual experience for Tara’s especially with the storyline.

The film has been shot for over two years now, and according to Tara it’s been a long process and sometimes within the time during production there are intricate moments to cherish for her lifetime. She says that she had been very fortunate with all of her films, working with wonderful people and making meaningful storytelling. Tara admires her co-star Ahan and says that she really enjoyed working with him along with the many workshops they did together.

You must be very excited and nervous at the same time before the release?

Ahan: Not so much nervous but very excited to be able to showcase this film to the world.


Could you both tell us who are your role models and why just in short?

For Ahan in terms of acting he looks up to Ranbir Kapoor; and the way he treats a character with intensity and the variety of protagonists he portrays. He is also very fond of Chris Hemsworth the way he balances his work and personal life.

How about you Tara?

Personally, for Tara who comes from a family of strong women, naturally it had been her grandma and mother but it’s her twin sister who really helped her understand to be a woman and a human,

But professionally, it’s Emily Blanton, John Krasinski, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively for their beautiful balance of their personal and professional lives. Especially as artists when is constantly scrutinized and put under so much pressure.

If not acting, what else would you be doing?

Tara: I’d definitely be a singer. It’s something she focused on before she became an actress but for Ahan it’s a bit different as he wanted to join the Indian Army.

 What’s your perspective about Australia?

Both Ahan and Tara has never been to Australia although they always wanted to travel to this beautiful country. Once things open up, definitely he wants to visit one day in the near future.

They both hope this December people in Australia not only watch their film Tadap, but they also hope the audience adore it as much as they loved making this film.

They are very excited to showcase this venture to everyone across Australia; as they have put in everything including their blood, sweat and tears.

We at G’day India and The Indian Weekly wish these two talented actors and the entire team of Tadap including Mind Blowing films, for a box office success.

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