Women should take care of finances to tackle cancer: Lisa Ray

Women should take care of finances to tackle cancer: Lisa Ray

Encouraging women to invest in their health, actress Lisa Ray, who won a battle against cancer, says women should take care of their finances to face tough situations, including cancer treatment.

“You should live your life. Let’s face it: everyone should have a cushion for anything, not just cancer, and I encourage every family and all women.

“We have to become empowered and also take care of ourselves and taking these very empowered moves as well, like taking care of your own finances,” Lisa said when quizzed on the financially draining aspect of cancer treatment.

The “Water” actress was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009 and became cancer-free a year later after receiving a stem-cell transplant.

Lisa prefers to spread a positive message on cancer survival.

“It is not necessarily a death sentence. You must get preventative check-ups and you must not be in denial and if you catch cancer at the right stage it is completely curable,” she observed.

But the 43-year-old cautioned against ignoring one’s health.

“I learnt the hard way that it is not the right way to live so it’s very important to invest in yourself, in your health,” she added.