Laxmii arrives Down Under

The highly anticipated and most awaited film ‘LAXMII’ just got released today in Australia.

For megastar Akshay Kumar this has been his dream project.

Laxmii is the Hindi remake of hit Tamil film ‘Kanchana’ which is being directed by Raghava Lawrence, who had also directed and starred in the original movie also.

The story revolves around a man who is afraid of all things supernatural, but through a twist of fate, he is forced to confront his fear as his body gets possessed by the spirit of Laxmii.

Also starring Kiara Advani, the trailer is fun to watch and sets the expectations high for the film.

In an email interview with Akshay, G’day India gets some insights from the star for the much awaited ‘Laxmii’. Some excerpts from the interview:

TS:  What inspired you to do the role of Laxmi?

Akshay: My director Raghava Lawrence was my inspiration. I’ve just followed his instructions. He has handheld me through this film, so in a way I have imitated him only.

TS: It’s a horror comedy – according to you did you think that this was a difficult genre?

Akshay: According to me comedy is the most difficult genre as it is really not easy to make people laugh but this is also partially difficult as there is still comedy in it. In terms of horror, the sound, effects etc. play a big role. But overall horror-comedy is a fun genre and one which is less explored, hence a big draw for the audiences. I for one enjoy it a lot.

TS: You played a transgender character in this film – how did you prepare for this role?

Akshay: My director, Raghava Lawrence taught me everything I know about Laxmii. He taught me how to laugh, dance, act, react like Laxmii. So, I’ve just tried my best to follow his instructions, taking extra care so as to play this character with utmost honesty and integrity.

TS: Burj Khalifa is such a hit song. What did you do to make it special?

Akshay: We shot at the Burj Khalifa showcasing it in all its glory! I see so many kid videos dancing to it now…I’m sure a lot of family’s will be planning their next holiday to Dubai and topping the tourist attraction list would be Burj Khalifa. So, you know who the Dubai Tourism Board needs to thank 🙂

TS: What is your expectation as Laxmii is the first major release after a long break?

Akshay: Honestly, I’m as new to all this as anyone else. Laxmii is my first OTT release, there are so many things even I’m learning for instance unlike theatrical release wherein the first two weeks matter, in OTT the focus on a film is for three months.

So, I’m not sure what to expect really besides hearing from the audiences that they enjoyed watching the film with their family and friends. That would be equivalent to a hit status for me.

TS: Lastly, how is COVID going to change our cinema experience?

Akshay: The immediate effect as you can see is a lot of films including us have opted for OTT release keeping in mind everyone’s safety, but I feel and know the future is going to be bright again. Hopefully, soon enough things will return to normalcy and the audiences will be able to enjoy their favourite stars on the big screen.

By Tonee Sethi