Richa Chadha shares belly dance video, says we must learn without expectations

Mumbai: Richa Chadha feels we must learn without having any expectations. It’s nice to do things just for the sake of experience.

Richa has shared an idea on Instagram where she can be seen through a mirror reflection, performing belly dance. She is turned away from the mirror, so we see her back.

“Today in an interview I got asked why people don’t know that I am a trained kathak dancer, or why I don’t dance in many films…My response to that was I am learning a new art form to satisfy my creative urges… with no goal in mind… One must just learn without expectations… without thinking about how that learning could come in handy in a film, or at a family gathering, or anything for that matter… Who knows ? Looking at a beautiful painting could make me a better actor, reading amazing poetry and literature could make me a better actor, learning how to sing has definitely made me a better actor… it’s nice to do things just for the sake of experience! After all what is life if not a series of experiences? Inspiration can come from anywhere!” shared the actress.