Runway 34 making crash landing at Hoyts

Ajay Devgan shares with G’day India about managing his three roles on set not only as an actor but also as a producer and director for his upcoming release Runway 34, releasing April 29th.

What inspired you to the story of Runway 34? Did Sully: Miracle on the Hudson help you to initiate the process of tell this story?

The only similarities between Runway 34 and Sully are both involve a plane landing and an inquiry. Ours is a totally novel script and is based on true events that unfolded in the aviation space.

You are wearing many hats for your film Runway 34 Producer, Director, and Actor. What was more difficult and fun? And why?

I enjoy filmmaking. So being a director is the best part of the job. It is also the most difficult part. If a director goes wrong, the film goes wrong.

My production house is efficient, and I have a team of good people running it, so I don’t get too involved with everyday production. As for the actor part, I’ve been an actor for three decades and I’m learning something every day.


What different did you had to do for this role?

The role of Captain Vikrant Khanna is subtle, it is real. I have not played an airline pilot before. Flying a plane is a supreme experience.


In this day and age of pan-Indian cinemas do you think Runway 34 has the flight that will take off to the Box Office?

Yes Runway 34 is a pan-Indian film because the characters will appeal to people all over India and to a worldwide audience. They are Indian characters that anyone in any part of Indian or even Indians settled overseas will find attractive.


Audience has changed over the time what is that one thing in your role that will shift you to the new audience?

The audience has not changed. They have evolved. They are keen on better content, and they are keen on quality. So, my focus is to offer them quality cinema.


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Interview courtesy Mind Blowing Films