The Magic of Mirzapur

Winner of IFFM21, best web series on OTT platform, Director Gurmmeet Singh and Writer Puneet Krishna credits the divine synergy that happens once in a lifetime behind the roaring success of Mirzapur 2 in an interview with G’day India.

Conquering accolades and fame, team Mirzapur set to conquer fans across the globe. Bringing a small town of Uttar Pradesh to the forefront of the world map -Mirzapur is a heartfelt Desi show, conceived much before the times of Gangs of Wasseypur but the creators only got around writing about it in 2016. The director of the show Gurmmeet Singh and writer Puneet Krishna just knew they were on to something very big and entertaining here but reaching to such popularity something that they did not expect, and it is indeed a blessing the way their fans have adored the show to this OTT platform of Amazon. Puneet speaking on behalf of his brother Vineet Krishna, a co-writer, believes that the whole show elevated when the directors took it to the next level.

Being a storyteller, there is nothing called reversed engineering in the making of Mirzapur according to Puneet. Being a longer format where the content is for over fifteen hours for two seasons; everything had to happen organically. Breaking it down further Puneet explains that they had to go into the mind of the characters of Mirzapur and constantly think like them. What they (characters) would do in a given situation and that’s the only way to write a story as both the brothers just kept honing their craft, stuck to what they knew best and wrote a brilliant script. The writers just knew the character so well that they didn’t need to probe into anything.

The creators of the show were concerned about how women will warm up to the rich violence, but director Gurmmeet feels fortunate that certain anxieties were redundant when the show was well received by its female audiences also. The show was an open canvas, neither the writers or the directors were restricted as Mirzapur did not choose its audience; the audience chose them. They had no parameters as such for taking this show global as it just took off naturally.

Mr Sethi, chief editor of The Indian Weekly and G’day India asked the writer director duo about the violence in the series, wasn’t the violence preventing it from being a family friendly show? Answering to Mr Sethi’s question both Gurmmeet and Puneet acknowledged about the script demanding a lot of brutality. Gurmmeet especially was pondering how such gore and violence can attract one human being and dispel the other?

Gurmmeet simply breaks this down by admiring the tenacity of series like Games of Thrones and film-makers like Tarantino who have reached to the global audience with their contemporary set-up. This is exactly what he as a director intended to achieve with Mirzapur. Their attempt was to attach the audience with the violence further into the story rather than taking them away. The idea was not to romanticise and cut away from the violence, in fact they wanted to create an impact by intertwining it with the main fabric of the storyline. Season 2 was not only mature, but it had a different beat and colour and a lot of people now have the choice to banter between these two seasons. Some audience might favour the edginess of the fast paced first season or the slow brewing emotions of season two. However, saying that Mirzapur 2 is an action-packed season where the details come to life with the characters.
It is also a collaborative medium, as co-produced by Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani, Kassim Jagmagia, Rupali Suresh Vaidya and Abbas Raza Khan. The enormous support from Excel and Amazon was enough for them to put it together to create this magic.

According to Gurmmeet there were many favourite moments from both the seasons but to name a few, one has to be the climax scene in Mirzapur2, and another how Munna had to kill the compounder.

Mr Sethi asked both Gurmmeet and Puneet, ten years from now if they had to look back and change anything in Mirzapur what would they change? The answer to Mr Sethi’s question was simply a ‘no.’ What they have created is pure gold, but if they had to be over critical about themselves, then it would be a scene or two artistically.

What’s next for Mirzapur? Is there a season 3 on its way? As it is shooting Mirzapur 2 in the middle of a pandemic was tricky as its release got delayed and yet again in the middle of a second wave, restrictions, lockdown and managing dates from the caste had been a gigantic task. Yet, it is too early to say when season 3 would release but efforts are underway.

So, as we wait to take another plunge into the world of Mirzapur, the journey for writer Puneet is to be sublime, live up to its punter’s huge expectation and go beyond the storytelling of Mirzapur. As for Gurmmeet he is not an avid reader or a cinephile like Puneet, but his journey is equally important than his destination. The people he meets along the way inspire him to bring his artistry to life.

Apart from the cricket pandemonium shared between India and Australia both Gurmeet and Puneet are extremely humble about the love they have been endorsed from their Australian fans. Though the pandemic has kept them from coming to Melbourne for this year’s festival, they promise to keep the art of storytelling bubbling away, creatively, and naturally. We at G’day India wish them a whole lot of good wishes to keep the saga of Mirzapur alive.

By Nandita Chakraborty

Interview Courtesy: Indian Film Festival of Melbourne & Amazon Prime Video India