India to attract more adventure tourists

New Delhi: India has stepped up efforts to position itself as an adventure tourism destination and is offering travellers a bouquet of experiences -...

Bees navigate home by ‘reading the sky’

Sydney: How do bees display this incredible knack of navigating cross-country? Scientists have now hit upon the reason for this -- bees are sky...

Schoolgirl wins right to use iPod in exams

London: A schoolgirl in Scotland who claims she can't concentrate when she doesn't listen to music has been allowed -- in an unprecedented concession...

Viva Singapura!

With its dizzying heights, dazzling malls, food courts and metro, Singapore woos the Indian tourist Snazzy malls offering fabulous discounts, mouth-watering seafood delicacies at food...

Sup with tribals, explore wilderness – northeast beckons

Imagine waking up in a Naga home, amid tribals who were once known for the practice of head hunting, and plucking tea leaves or...

Reform visa process to attract Indian, Chinese tourists: US travel body

Washington: The US Travel Association has proposed a reform of US visa policies to make America more open and welcoming to visitors, particularly from...

Russian tourism: Rich in heritage, poor in income

 Russia may rank among the top 15 countries by the number of World Heritage natural and cultural sites but tourism accounts for just three...






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