Think Peace India Run Festival coming back on March 29 with high entertainment value

Melbourne: The Think Peace India Run Festival, the brainchild of Kiran Chukkapalli, founder of Think Peace Organisation, enters its second year and kickstarts with another event-packed schedule beginning March 29.

The Indian Run Festival (IRF) has been planned to be highly engaging and high in entertainment value. Festive colours, yoga workshop, Indian dance party and celebrity participation are a few components of the festival.

The Run is a weekend of activities for the whole family. Other incentives include T-Shirts for all participants, race completion medal, timing certificate for 5k and 10k run and other fundraising opportunities.

“IRF is a reflection of our collective culture and service to the society. Packed with entertainment, it’s an opportunity for friends and families to spend quality time together and inspire change,” said Chukkapalli.

India Run Festival (IRF) is an endeavour by Think Peace Organisation to bring together the entire Indian diaspora living in Australia to come together as one united community and to run for fitness, fun, and to give back to the society.

The festival resonates with the spirit of India and her philosophy of “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” (the world is one family), where Indians around the world will unite with a goal to give back to their motherland and the land that nurtures them.

The event reflects the colours, strength, diversity and dynamism of the Indian diaspora and their commitment to make the world a better place.

Last year, this festival was launched for the first time in Melbourne, which saw great success and participation! The spirit of IRF goes with the spirit of Melbourne, a thriving city that has been internationally recognized for the opportunities it offers to all its visitors. After a great launch last year, we look forward to the second year of IRF.

“The spirit of India Run Festival goes with the spirit of Melbourne, a thriving city that has been internationally recognised for the opportunities it offers to all its visitors. On our last visit, we also saw a lot of commitment from the Indian community in Melbourne to give back to the society and their homeland,” said Chukkapalli.

IRF is a community and charity event, and funds raised through the event will be shared between the charities in India and Australia. Our causes for this year include the bush fire relief work in Australia and education of tribal children in India.
The IRF is about giving back, but it does not end there. The vibrant festival is also a step towards a fitter Indian community. True fitness is strength, stamina and agility. Indians in India and abroad ranks in the top five in obesity. A recent study pointed out that 53 per cent of Indians lack the discipline to stay fit. Running is a great way of remaining fit not just physically, but for pushing your mind an extra mile. It’s a healthy addiction and a step forward for a fit Indian community.

There are few ways Melburnians can associate with, says Chukkapalli. “They can participate in the run as a group/family or by themselves. They can motivate people to participate in the run, they can motivate children to enrol for the Juniorthon, raise funds through sponsorship/crowdfunding and create awareness.”

(G’day Staff)