Disgusting food museum to come to LA

Los Angeles: Love to experiment with food? It’s time to explore world’s most disgusting food at the Disgusting Food Museum here.
Featuring foods from different cultures, the museum will give visitors a chance to taste and smell food from around the world.
To be exhibited at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, the museum will welcome visitors to enjoy a culinary journey from December 9 till February 17, 2019, read a statement.
The Disgusting Food Museum will introduce its visitors to worldwide delicacies from 80 diverse food exhibits that include: Frog smoothies from Peru, Maggot cheese from Sardinia, the Durian from Thailand, Surstromming from Sweden and Mouse Wine from China.
First displayed in Sweden, the exotic collection of foods was conceived and curated by psychologist Samuel West.
“The museum aims to change our view of what is disgusting or not and expose our minds to what is known as normal in other cultures,” West said.