3 Ways to Beat Dental Phobia and Anxiety

Ironically, dental phobia and anxiety are more common than actual dental issues. People are so afraid of going to the dentist that they even prefer the pain over visiting a dentist. People with this anxiety can experience sweating, high pulse rates, or low blood pressures at the mere mention of a dentist.

This fear and anxiety often arise out of past bad experiences. Some people might have had bad dental surgery or extreme pain during dental surgery as a child. The trauma can be carried forward to adulthood in most cases. Our team of expert dentists has listed 3 foolproof ways to beat any dental phobia or anxiety that you might have.

1. Know Your Dentist

Many people feel uncomfortable in the presence of unknown people. Many others might find strict behaviour depressing. Our dentists encourage a healthy doctor-to-patient interaction about dentistry. You can talk to our team of dentists and ask questions about their qualifications, and experience of practice in dentistry. This way, you get to know our dentists. Their amiable behaviour can make you feel safe and encourage you to go for dental treatment. We also provide free consultation for patients so that they can discuss their dental problems.

2. Know Your Dental Treatment Plan Beforehand

Fear is a direct reaction to the feeling of loss of control. We are sure to get scared when we don’t know what exactly is going to happen during a dental procedure. To solve this issue, we give information sheets on the type of procedures that you might need. You can read all the treatments that you are about to undergo beforehand. You can also discuss your doubts and worries with our dentists about the procedure. Our dentists will try their best to accommodate comfortable dental treatment steps to help you maintain your balance.

3. Do Not Worry About the Pain

We agree that you went through a bad experience in the past and stopped believing in good dental treatments. But, to tell you the truth, technology has advanced manifolds since then. There are ways in which we ensure that you walk out of our clinic pain-free and with a beautiful smile. Sleep dentistry is our solution to providing a virtually pain-free dental surgical experience to our process. A choice of sedation is administered to the patient before beginning with dental surgery. This makes sure that the patient does not feel the pain. Some sedatives are so easy, that you can even drive home after they wear off. Selecting the right sedative is done as per the requirements of the dental surgery and the overall health of the patient. If a major surgical procedure is to be carried out like dental implants surgery, and the patient is healthy, a deeper sedative such as anaesthesia may be preferred. While for small surgical procedures can do with lighter sedative medication.

Make sure you talk to dentists about your dental and general health and past medical history. Do not hesitate anymore, Healthy Smiles Dental Group is here to help you.

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