58 percent Delhiites have high cholesterol

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A total of 58 percent Delhiites have high cholesterol level, a trend which is a direct result of sedentary lifestyle and over-eating, said a study.

Out of 9,596 samples tested for lipid profile, LDL levels were high in 58 percent of the people whereas total cholesterol and triglycerides were high in 20-30 percent of the people, said the study by Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.

A higher LDL or bad cholesterol level puts one at greater risk for a heart attack from a sudden blood clot in an artery narrowed by atherosclerosis.

A fairly substantial number of youngsters examined, during the survey, showed the first signs of the onset of a heart ailment – hypercholesterolemia and hypertension.

The study findings show that this unhealthy trend is a direct result of a combination of over-eating, increased intake of junk food and sedentary lifestyle.

Calling for regular screening of unhealthy cholesterol and lipid level, researchers at Metropolis said surveys such as the one conducted would help identify people who are at a greater risk of hypertension.

Metropolis Healthcare is a leading multinational chain of diagnostic centres and there are 700 collection centres across India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Middle East.