7 Hidden gems at Yarra Valley

BY Debasree Das from @travelinstylewithdebs

Year of end holidays are best enjoyed at home state, especially when Victorian Govt has taken the initiative to boost local tourism with Travel Vouchers.

There is never a shortage of places in Victoria to appreciate and explore and Yarra valley is one of them. From stunning snow-capped mountains to breathtaking valleys offering panoramic lookouts and views.

From aboriginal architecture to beautiful cherry blossoms, this region offers you all.

If you ask me about my favourite road trip destinations in Victoria, then I must tell you how many times I have visited the Yarra Valley.

Running out of road trip ideas? Then this blog would give you a glimpse of those hidden places in and around Yarra Valley.

#Alfred Nicolas Memorial Garden

Autumn colours are best seen at the Alfred Nicolas Memorial Garden, and this little boathouse is my insta-favourite.

The perfect getaway place for a weekend picnic or a mini trail walk in nature.

My favourite place is relaxing by the boathouse amidst nature, and their trail walks are equally amazing. Park your car and take any walk depending upon your energy levels.

#Alowyns Gardens

You do not need to visit Japan to encounter the beautiful Cherry blossoms, you can enjoy these spring blossoms right here in Victoria.

A Yarra valley nursery, which sells plants, is ideal for visiting during springs to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms.

It is a ticketed place but worth the weekend visit during spring. During Summer, this place offers you with floral extravaganza too. Wisterias are the most famous highlights of this place.

#Kolorama Lookout point

Situated along the Mount Dandenong tourist road, this is the perfect place to view the Dandenong ranges and its surrounding. Take a walk down the hill to the Yarra ranges National Park to enjoy the serenity this place offers.

Perfect walking trails for kids and family and do not forget to pick your Coffee from the local cafes, Melbourne coffee is always great, isn’t it?

#Sherbrook Forest Park & Olinda Falls

The Dandenong tourist road leads you to numerable trial walks, an being an adventure seeker you’re bound to love the variety it offers.

One of the trails leads you to the Olinda falls, there is a small walking trail down the falls and an observatory platform to view the falls. Ideal for visiting during the wet season to enjoy the falls.

Get up and close with the Australian native birds, do not forget to buy a bowl of grain for a close encounter with them. Probably the perfect place to spend those summer afternoons.

# Emerald Lake & Park

Other than being kids-friendly the puffing billy and the emerald lake is just the perfect location for a weekend day out.

Take the Puffing billy from Lillydayle station or drive straight to Emerald, parking is not free at the lake so make sure you always check the parking signs before you drive in.

There is a cafe up the lake that serves a fair number of light lunches and breakfast.

Boating is a popular option at the lake, both kids and adults love it, especially during the warmer weather. This place turns into a colourful wonderland during the Autumn season, but summertime this is a paradise too.

#Warbuton Valley

The stunning Warburton valley is a hidden gem in the Yarra Valley, the famous Yarra river offers stunning valley views, the La La falls and the adventurous walking trails.

The perfect short road trip that offers the family an unwinding time amidst nature.

Mont DeLancey Historical Homestead is the perfect place to relax in the valley. Don’t forget to check out Monty’s tearoom, they offer amazingly fresh scones with the home-made strawberry jam.

#Warrantina Lavender Farm

We love lavenders and who would not love to take a stroll in aromatic fields filled with colours and chase those honeybees that wander from one lavender to the other.

No matter the season in Victoria, you will not be disappointed to catch the beautiful Lavender fields at the Warratina Lavender farm.

The tearoom over there offers some amazing soups and freshly made scones too.

#William Ricketts Sanctuary

Perched deep inside the Mount Dandenong tourist road, this world-renowned tourist destination is the majestic sculpture garden of William Rickett Sanctuary.

Amidst tranquillity and mountains, this place reflects aboriginal philosophies.

Entry is FREE and so is parking. Do not forget to visit the Canadian Pancake cafe for a grab.

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