A personal quest to understand Draupadi

Unravelled: Rowville Performing Arts Centre, Sunday, November 24, 6:30 PM

Dr. Janaki Rangarajan, an acclaimed Bharatanatyam artist will be coming to Melbourne with her new production combining traditional Bharatanatyam with the spoken word in English.

In a telephonic interview, Dr. Janaki explained that, “Unravelled is a solo dance production that explores the unseen layers of the iconic Draupadi through various episodes from her life and extrapolating such events to the life of a modern woman. This production is overwhelming and beautiful at the same time.”

She added, “I had this question for a long time that what is it about this woman – the only mortal woman from the Indian epics who is worshipped as a Goddess – which has captured the imagination of poets and writers for centuries? It is very close to my heart; it is my personal quest.”

When asked about the uniqueness about the production, she stated, “This production thoroughly utilizes the Bharatanatyam vocabulary and the backdrop of Draupadi as the lead character, however it raises awareness about the global issues that the world is facing at present.”

Talking about her approach, she says, “I believe in strong grammar, but I find it interesting to deconstruct and reconstruct to showcase the highest energy that I can generate on stage. My approach is abstract for me to define.”

When asked about her training in Veena and Carnatic music, she states, “The knowledge of Raagas and notes help me tremendously in imagining and creating a visual piece through my dance. Every dancer must learn at least the basics of music and singing to be a better artist.”

It is Dr. Janaki’s first time in Melbourne. She thanked Chandralaya School of Dance, Melbourne for their meticulous hard work. The school is also hosting Bharatanatyam workshops for intermediate and advanced level students conducted by Dr. Janaki on Saturday, November 23rd.

For more info: chandralaya.com.au